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Conveniently located in Trinidad and Tobago & Guyana, customers throughout Barbados, Guyana, Suriname & other Caribbean countries receive world-class service, problem-solving capabilities, engineering support and function specific guidance to optimize their processes.
Choosing to exclusively work with industry leading supply networks and manufacturing partners who are renowned for their quality products, dependability and efficiency & timely lead times,  the team at Josar understands that when it comes to connecting manufacturers to end users, they as the distributor play the most crucial role of maintaining efficiency and reliability.

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Key to their ongoing success and as a distributor for multiple product lines, Josar Limited’s customers benefit from having one supplier who stocks multiple brands and products. Thus allowing products that complement one another to be paired together to ensure the integration needs of the customer are met. From crushing and screening plants (stationary, portable or mobile systems), ash plants, shot rock quarries and rip quarries, precious mineral mines, ore processing, cement manufacturing, concrete pumping, food manufacturing, packaging, sorting and orienting; Josar Ltd has the experience and supply chain solutions to deliver the appropriate results.

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