About Ammega

Company Profile

Megadyne and Ammeraal Beltech joined under single ownership and leadership to create a true global leader in belting. In order to unite our brands under a common new identity, all while preserving and building upon the strengths of each, we have created a new corporate group name: AMMEGA

Our strong brands of Ammeraal Beltech, Megadyne and Jason Industrial and their respective business lines of Conveying, Power Transmission and Fluid Power, will remain in the market and continue to build on the leading positions they have established.


PVC Belting – Oil and Fat Resistant
Belts are made with FDA compliant materials and are suitable for food conveying according to EU regulations.

Good resistance to oil, fats, vegetables; resistant to water.
Suitable for curved conveyors and for steep transport.
Working temperature -10°C / +70°C

PVC Belting – Limited Oil Resistant
These are standards belts for general conveying purposes. Big variety of characteristics combinations and top cover structures to meet all possible conveying requirements (in floor, decline, incline).

They are made with different cover hardness, surface patterns, colors.
Resistant to oil abrasion, water.
Medium and high grip.
Working temperature -10°C / +70°C

Polyolefin Belting
These are conveyor belts specially designed for tobacco processing plants and approved for use by the major tobacco manufactures.

Non-halogenating substances
Working temperature -20 / +60°C

Plastic and Steen chain/ Uni Chain Belting/ Modular Belting
Modular Belts are positive drive, low-noise and long lasting.
Assembled in a bricklay pattern, they can be made to almost any length and width and a wide-range of accessories are available to customize the belt for specific applications or processes.

Rapplon / Transmission Belting
Ammeraal Beltech offers a complete range of high-quality Power Transmission Belts for industry, suitable for a wide variety of production equipment. From classic nylon core belting to belt constructions with special fabrics for low tensions and thermoplastic inner layers, we can offer you the best belting solution for your specific application.

Surface covers include fabric, leather, natural rubber, elastomer and many thermoplastic coatings. For special applications seamless covers are available.