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Major is a global leading manufacturer of high performance screening media. We aim to master wire quality, manufacturing, the screening process and screening media with the goal of partnering with producers to increase their screening performance and profitability.


Woven Screen made with Flex Mat’s Optimum wire
These screens are the longest lasting woven wire screen available. They are manufactured with an industry leading stringent wire opening of +3% and extremely tight crimps and weave for a longer wear life and the elimination of premature failure.

Flex Mat Vibrating Screens
This line of high- vibration wire screen, is the world’s most advanced screening media, available in tensioned and modular applications. These screens will provide more spec product at a lower operation cost, while delivering more wear life and eliminating binding, pegging and clogging issues.

Flex Mat Tensioned screens
These screens technology allows wire, bonded to lime-green polyurethane strips, to vibrate independently from hook to hook for faster material stratification. It is available in a side- tensioned or end –tensioned configuration.

Flex Mat Modular Panels
These screens are also available as direct switch and replace polyurethane modular panels to provide substantially more open area than traditional panels, and to increase the throughput of spec material.